Sunday, May 20, 2012

Where have I been? Honestly, I've been just working and going to Zumba.  Not a lot of excitement going in my life.  Actually kinda boring. The most exciting thing is my new vacuum purchase.  I bought a Hoover Elite Rewind.  It is complete greatness.  With my squatter, it has been a miracle.  It is the best purchase I've ever made.  Wow, I've embraced my middle-age.

Wait, one major thing has happened.  I turned 42 at the beginning of May!  I still don't feel like a grown up even though my last paragraph was about a vacuum cleaner.

Okay that's all I got today. I've been under the weather so I'm gonna make it short and sweet.  Today's soundtrack is going to be random because I can't really think. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading my blog!