Thursday, October 11, 2012

Homecoming with my sisters

Oh homecoming season!  Today I spent the afternoon watching my niece in her first homecoming parade.  It brought back so many memories. And I got to thinking. My last homecoming was 25 years ago.  WHAT!!  I know I am old but when I put a number on it, it completely freaks me out.

So 25 years ago, I was a senior and finally on the drill team.  At 17, I felt like all my dreams had come true. I tried out for my junior year and didn't make it.  And I cried like a baby. My goal since I was about ten years old, was to be on the high school drill team.  One of the main reasons was because my sister Linda became my trailblazer and made the team her senior year.

I felt like a celebrity because, my sister was on field in front of all of our town.  The entire town saw her each week performing and she was my sister.  I remember seeing her in her uniforms each Friday and was in awe of her.  

When I floated home on a cloud after getting the announcement that I made the team, I was so excited to let her know and then to show her. My chance was homecoming.  She and my very pregnant sister, Barbara and my niece, Marisa flew back home to spend the homecoming weekend with me and my mom.  When I was ten, all my siblings had left home and had their own lives so they never really came to any of my school programs, etc.  Their decision to fly from Dallas to see me, was the coolest thing they have ever done for me. I was so nervous knowing they would be at the pep rally, parade and the game.  I wanted to make them proud of me.

It dawned on me that I had never told them how much it meant to me and how to this day it makes me happy when I remember that time.  Today it brought it all back: the butterflies, the excitement and the fun. So to my sisters, thank you for making me feel so special by taking the time to be there for me during one of my milestones.  Today's theme is sisters.  Enjoy!

Thanks for reading my blog!