Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Random thoughts: Perfume, Christmas and Ryan Gosling

Thanksgiving has come and gone and it was a doozy.  Turkey Trot complete - ran it in 44 minutes.  And that was even walking the first 10 minutes.  And now here is the bonus.  WFAA-TV/Channel 8 ran a special on the race and I just so happen to record it. I finally watched it and sure enough, there I was panting my way towards the finish line. I looked like crap but hell, I finished the race. Good times!  Then of course lots o' food that afternoon.  As usual, I ate my weight in food.  But the Cowboys win made me forget that I was feeling like a beached whale.

Then for the our tradition. Black Friday for me, my sisters and nieces.  I was up Friday morning at 3:30am and we were decking the malls about 5am or so. I bought myself a pair of jeans, black pants and this fantastic new perfume.  It was an early Christmas for me.  It was a long day but so much fun.

Speaking of Christmas, I've started some of my Christmas shopping but not even close to being finished. I love this time of year.  Love seeing all the lights at the stores, the music and of course all the eating.  Thank goodness I have been back in the gym.

Not a lot going on with me but just a bunch of random thoughts.
1. I love that Eva Mendez is dating Ryan Gosling.  Two of my favorite people.  I want them to get married and have pretty babies.
2. I am kinda sad that Michael Buble' is taking over as the go to Christmas song crooner. Um, hello?  Anyone remember one fantastic Harry Connick, Jr.?  Don't get me wrong, I do like Mr. Buble' but I have yet to hear any HCJ for the holidays.
3. I finally got a new phone - A Blackberry Torch and I LOVE it!!
4. Am I the only one that isn't watching the Victoria Secret Angels runaway show?

So for today, my soundtrack is going to be as random as my thoughts.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Those Aren't Pillow!

Yes I am a slacker!  I can't believe I let another month go by without blogging.  There really isn't an excuse. I am just lazy with a capital LAZY.   It's not like I am dating someone or anything. As I told one of a friend of my today, my dating pool is now circling the drain. Gulg, gulg, gulg.

It's two days away from Thanksgiving and Christmas is just around the corner.  Wow!!  It still stuns me how fast the year just flew by me.  I am excited to spend the day with my family.  A bunch of us will be starting the morning at the Turkey Trot.  2nd year in a row for us. Then it's off to my sister B's house for our Thanksgiving lunch.  I am in charge of the salad, drinks and ice.  You should know that is code for the person that can't cook. Pretty sad, 41 and really can't cook.  Maybe next year I should take a cooking class?  Nah. If can't blog in a timely manner, what makes me think I can keep up with a class.  So back to the day.  I will be eating like pig and then sleeping like a baby during half-time.  We will end the day with the Cowboys game.  Woo!  That is how you spend a day.

For today's soundtrack I will leave with a little Thanksgiving music and such.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Friday, November 4, 2011


It's been awhile and I pretty much have no excuse except that I was all about the baseball.  My life was consumed with it.  And lucky for me, my sister and brother-in-law we all went to Game 6 where the Rangers clinched the American League Championship. It was a great day!!  We had the most amazing seats.  We sat 4 rows behind home plate and we were on national TV since the game was televised on FOX.  Awesome!  But the downside, we couldn't eat while on camera.  So during the commercials, we had to stuff our faces. :)  You can stuff a lot of twizzlers in your mouth in about 2 minutes. I don't recommend it but it if you need to, it can be done.

Our AWESOME seats!!

American League Champs!!!

Then of course we had the World Series and every game took a toll on my life.  So many late nights and so many emotions.  And of course, Game 6 was the game that made me want to throw up. One strike away from winning the entire series, not only once but TWICE!!!  If I was a cat, I would have last about 8 lives.  It was so emotional.  And I am not gonna lie to you, I cried after Game 6.  I didn't do it in front of anyone, I waited until I got in my car and let the tears flow.  Such a tough loss. If I was crying, I can't image what the actual players did after the game.  After losing Game 7, all my tears were gone and I was just sad for a while.  My sports depression is now over and I am back in the real world. Bring on season 2012 Rangers!!  I plan to be there on opening day. It's on a Friday so perfect. 

Since we lost, my soundtrack theme is loss and sadness. But it will be cathartic.  In no way am I saying the  Rangers are losers, it's just a sense of loss. I should all ready accept this and say to myself once again "That's the way baseball go."  Thanks Wash for great season.

Thanks for reading my blog!