Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Don't Feel Like Dancing after the scale showcase showdown

I can't believe that I haven't mentioned the fact that this year I actually gave up something for Lent.  I don't remember the last time I did.  I wasn't sure if I was going to do it but at the last minute I decided to accept the challenge. What is it?  Chocolate? Caffeine?  Candy?  Nope!  I am hitting myself where it hurts.  I gave up my love of VH1 Classic and all my new movie channels.  I know that doesn't seem like a lot to some people but you have to understand my love of all things 80's and movies.  Remember back in February when I was so excited that I finally had FIOS installed?  The main reason is because I finally had VH1 Classic.  Yes, that proves what kind of dork I really truly am. About now if  my sister's are reading this, I am sure they are probably saying out loud - seriously, that wasn't the only thing that proves that she is a dork.  Back to my sacrifice.  Yes, I love the 80's and everything involved with it so VH1 Classic is my go to channel when I turn on the TV. And with all my free movie channels, I am missing so many movies and series.  I haven't even tried to watch them On Demand.  Look at me!  I have the will power.  Now if I could just do that with food.

And speaking of food - I can't believe I am going to put this up here but here goes.  Last week I was at my friend's house for a jewelry party. I ran to the bathroom and as I am washing my hands I see that she has a small, scary device on the floor.  Yes, she had a scale.  It's been over a year since I have stepped foot on one of those.  For some stupid reason, I was compelled to check it out.  As you are supposed to do, I took off all the extras: shoes, cardigan and all my jewelry.  I stepped on the scale and waited for the number.  It's not like The Price is Right.  Because as you know, the higher the number is on the scale doesn't mean that you are going to the showcase showdown. Instead, you are going to fall into a heap on the floor and cry like a baby.  As soon as the digital numbers popped up, I just about passed out. The number I saw is a number that I have never seen in my life.  And that number is too scary for me to type much less say out loud.  My number is not what is going to shock you but it's what I did next. 

Standing in my friend's bathroom, I was dazed and confused.  Why and how did this happen? I've been pretty good when it comes to working out. I even started going to the free training sessions my complex offers.  I can see more definition in my arms, legs and my booty is crazy.  Now if I could just get my gut in check.  It will not go away no matter how many times I ask it politely to take a hike.  Then I remembered that I have no will power when it comes to food and desserts.  I have always eaten like a horse but I guess I wasn't really thinking about everything that I was stuffing my mouth. 

Back to me standing in the bathroom.  I decided, well this can't be right.  The next thing I know, I am taking of my pants and my shirt (don't worry, the door was locked).  There I am, in my undies just thinking that I have now taken off 10 pounds of extras.  Did I mention that I gained 10 pounds in one year?  Why the face!!!!!  I am back on the scale and wah, wah, wah.  Game over.  I dropped only 4 pounds by loosing all the goods.  ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I keep telling myself that some of it is muscle.  And it is but there is no way that I gained 10 pounds of muscles. Is that even possible?  I'm not that good at working out.  I am trying to stay positive and hope that I can find more will power.  No dessert for me for awhile and I am gonna actually watch what I eat, not eat what I watch.  And of course, the workouts will continue.  

There you have it folks. Two looks at my will power: one success and flabby failure standing in her undies in her friend's bathroom.  I know that I will need to make some sacrifices to get to my goal weight and it's going to hurt.  I've been able to sacrifice my love of 80's so I hope that I can also sacrifice all my favs (desserts) in order to fit into my clothes. So today's soundtrack theme is what I how I was feeling standing on the scale. 

Thanks for reading my blog.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My thoughts are not Connected

Just some random thoughts today.
1. I am so over this weather.  Saturday was such a beautiful day and the last two days have been blah.  I was on such a Spring high.

2. Why are they still making following movies:
  • Scream
  • Anything with Ben Stiller
  • Arthur
3. My cat is a faker.  Why?  Usually if he is eating (in the kitchen) and I walk in there or make any kind of noise, he runs out like he stole something.  Tonight, I was making tuna and gave him a little. As he was devouring it, I was in the kitchen running the disposal and making lots of noise.  What did he do?  Not a thing except stuff his face. Faker!!!

4. Reality TV is ruling my life on Sunday and Monday night. Damn you Mr. Reality TV.  How dare you make me more of a couch potato than I all ready am.

5. Rangers opening day is Friday and no one given me tickets yet. Slackers!

6. Why did NBC not announce Carson Daly as the host of The Voice?  Everything I've read just mentioned the judges.  Then bam!  Here come the commercials and low and behold there he is on screen. Is it 1999 again?  Well, those sneaky so and so's.   I will watch, it but I won't like it.  I will just have to mute when he is talking. 

Not a lot going on in my head today. I think it's because of my allergies.  Yeah, that's what why this post is super short.  So I guess my theme for today's soundtrack is another random set of songs since I was so random today.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's Been A While since I've seen a good film

The Dallas Film Festival starts next Thursday and I can't wait.  I've signed up for several contests in order to win passes so wish me luck. There some great films (old and new) that I really want to watch.  Everyone cross your fingers because if I win, I get two passes and I get to take a guest.  My list so far is:

It's a beautiful Spring day and the day has been great.  Had a great workout (of course I couldn't breath because our gym is 78 degrees and my allergies are horrible), a little house cleaning (I love the smell of Pinesol) and now am I sitting through my 3rd hour of 90210.  No, I do not consider that a confession because I am not embarrassed that I still love that goofy show.  Every time I watch, I still want Brenda and Dylan to stay together.  I remember in college being hooked to this show. Thursday night was my do not call night because I had to get my dose of Brenden, Dylan and David.  OK, maybe I should have put this on yesterday's confession list.

Later I will be heading to my friend's house to celebrate his 41st birthday. 41 will be a great year for both of us.  So in honor of his birthday, it's a special birthday soundtrack to my Will.

Thanks for reading my blog and enjoy this fantastic day!

Friday, March 25, 2011

I Confess - I am weird.

Happy Friday!!
As you know, one of my obsessions is The Office. So it only makes sense that I blog about it today.  Last night was the Michael G. Scott proposal to one Miss Holly Flax.  I knew it was coming (heck they promoted the dog out of it) and yet I still cried like a baby.  Okay, I cried even before that.  I cried when Michael said he was going to ask Holly and when he called Holly's dad.  It was a big, snotty nose cry too. Not just dainty little tears; huge, snot inducing tears. The proposal was so sweet and to see the joy and love in both Michael and Holly's eyes was amazing. Can we please give this man his well-deserved Emmy all ready?  I mean, come on.  Even today, I am still walking on Cloud 9. Why?  Well because I am geek and because as I mentioned I am obsessed with The Office. I even have a Dwight K. Schrute bobble head, courtesy of my sister, L. I love it! It's even autographed by Dwight himself when I interviewed him a couple of years ago.
It read's "Julie - Get A Life."
Signed by Rainn Wilson!!!
After my big snot-fest, I was a little embarrassed.  But then I realized that I do a lot of embarrassing things.  So I decided to purge my soul and make a few confessions.
  • I love watching The Golden Girls. Yes, I know it's over 20 years old and it's a bunch of old ladies but I love them.  I watch them every night before I go to sleep and wake up to them. 
  • I baby talk to my cat.  Weird, I know.  But I can't help it. I never thought I would be that person/woman.
  • I have everything my first real boyfriend gave me.  Not a shrine or anything, just a box of stuff. I can't bring myself to throw it away.
  • I have every note that my high school buddy, J wrote me during our senior year and I am planning on getting them bound.  Again weird, I know.
  • Up until I was about 10 years old I thought my sister, was Cher.  Why?  Well, my sister was very glamorous and when she came to visit us, it was a huge deal. She had the long, dark hair, the awesome clothes and cool sunglasses.
  • I like to wash dishes while listening to cheesy Top 40 radio (KEOM-FM is greatness!).  The cheesier the better.
  • I can't swim and I don't want to learn.
  • I listen to the reruns of Casey Kasem's Top 40 countdown.
  • I still have my prom dress.
Maybe I am not weird, maybe I am just a pack rat?  Anyway, there is just some of my weirdness/geekiness for all to judge.  Just the tip of the iceberg.  There are plenty more things but I am too lazy to put them in writing and it would take too long to describe.  In honor of my confessions, today's theme is confessions and my geekiness.  Enjoy!

Thanks for reading my blog!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

R.I.P. Fire Woman

How weird is it that I mentioned Elizabeth Taylor in my blog yesterday and then I get up this morning to see that she has passed away today? Creepy!!!  Very sad for her family.  It doesn't matter how long a person lives, it's never enough time for their family. 

She was a lovely lady and she was in 2 of my favorite movies; Giant and Father of the Bride.  The first time I saw Giant, I was 12 years old, it was a Sunday morning and I was sick.  I remember stumbling upon it and I was hooked with the drama, the bigness, the hotties.  That was when I fell in love with James Dean.  If you haven't seen this movie, give it a chance.  It tackles the issues of women's rights, prejudice and difference between the social classes.  I do own it on VHS and one day I will buy the DVD (if there is one).  Her character is a tough gal from the East Coast and she doesn't back down to anyone.  So good!!! 

And then there is Father of the Bride and not the vapid, Steve Martin version.  I did not like that one or the sequel.  I saw no reason to remake it in the first place.  This one has Elizabeth and Spencer Tracy.  It's so sweet and light. I wanted Spencer Tracy to be my father. 

There are a few of her movies that I have been interested in watching but never got around to it. TCM will be doing a special programming tribute to her on April 10th.  I've checked out the schedule and all ready know that I will be watching Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.  Oh, I love me some Paul Newman.

I will close with today's soundtrack. The theme today is strong and bold because Ms. Liz was a strong, bold woman.  R.I.P. Ms. Taylor.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Mom was a great Lady

Today has been 22 years since Mom passed away.  Sometimes I forget what she sounded like.  I hate that.  I wish we would have had video camera back in the day to capture her on film.  Luckily we do have some pics of her.  Not a lot but enough to piece together her life. It's not like today where people take pictures every 2 seconds of themselves.  It seemed like there had to be a special occasion to have a picture taken of yourself, you know like a wedding, baptism, etc.  Honestly, I think we've become just a little vain.  I see people (adults and children) constantly taking pictures of themselves and then looking at themselves to figure out which pose they want to use.  Geesh!  Vain much?  But I digress.

Like I said, we have have some pictures of her growing up and a few as an adult.  Each one of them is really special because we get to see her as the rest of the world saw her.  Not just a mom but as a baby, a teenager and a young lady.   That's the beauty of photography, it continues to give back to generations.  We have this one studio picture of mom where she is posing and looks absolutely beautiful.  When we were younger, she didn't display that picture but I knew where she kept it so once in awhile I would sneak into her room and pull out the picture to look at it.  She would jokingly say that it was her Elizabeth Taylor look.  Since then, that's how we refer to that picture. 

After she passed away that was really the only thing I wanted, that beautiful picture.  It was a bit torn and tattered but it was mine.  A few years ago, my sister, L surprised all our sibling by getting that picture reproduced for them.  Now we all have that one picture proudly hanging in each of our homes.  My momma wasn't a vain person and kind of shy so if she was alive now, she would tell us to take it down immediately. lol!  I know that, that picture isn't what entirely represents my momma but it makes me smile because for a moment in time, my momma was Elizabeth Taylor. 

They remind me of the Little Rascals in the picture.
Doesn't everyone have a picture by a car?
I think she was going to work in the fields.

One thing that I do remember about her was that woman loved her some dancing.  She could waltz, 2-step, cumbia and swing dance.  That is one trait that me and my sisters have, her love of dancing.  I remember dancing with her in the kitchen and living room. We had a family reunion in 1980 and the thing I remember the most was mom on the dance floor. She torn it up that night.  She was so happy.  

Today's soundtrack are based on songs that remind me of my mom.

She would sing this to me to make me mad.  I have no idea why I would get mad but I would.

She was our brown version of Dolly. :)

My cousin Lucy took her momma, my Aunt Lina and my momma to see Eddie Rabbit in Lubbock. They loved it.

What woman in the 70's didn't love them some Kenny Rogers?  And my momma wasn't any different.

I was watching this video and mom was in the living room. She wasn't a big fan of the Rock & Roll but she liked the last 1 minute of the song.  It was her type of music. 

She loved this song and could cut a rug on this one.

Thanks for letting me pour out my feelings about my mom.  Thanks for reading my blog.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Beautiful Girl, you were too nice

Good news!  My friend's pet is doing so much better today.  She is so happy and I am very happy for her.  Thank you God!

Had a nice calm Sunday, except for my allergies. All this wind from this past week has just about killed me.  Here's the weird thing. I am not deathly allergic to things but I am pretty much allergic to everything except for Elm.  Which is what I grew up with back home.  So no matter what is flying around here, it's gonna be bad for me.  But thank goodness for sinus meds, hot Tazo Green Tea and my Neti pot. If you don't know what a Neti pot is, you are missing out. It's kinda gross but it makes a huge difference.  Dwight on The Office did a demonstration during their first Christmas "Yankee Swap" party. This is greatness!!  Watching the reruns of The Office has made me appreciate Dwight K. Schrute even more.  But I will always love Jim and Pam.

Last night I spend it watching back to back reality shows.  Thanks to my sister, L, she has got me hooked.  She's my reality show pusher/dealer.  We started off with a little Amazing Race and then topped off the night with the train wreck that is actually listed in TV Guide as Celebrity Apprentice. 

I had never given The Amazing Race any of my time until my sister showed me the light.  For all the silly tasks the contestants do, it's really cool to see all the truly awesome destinations they get to visit.  My favorites teams are the Cowboys and Dude BFF's.  The Goths and the cheerleaders kinda get on my nerves.

As Americans we forget that there is a huge world out there that doesn't involve us.  It's amazing how many beautiful places there are in the world that I will never get to see.  I am not being a downer, just realistic.  However, I do have my passport but yet no stamps.  I would love to have at least 3 stamps by the time I am 50.  My top destinations are as follows:
  1. Ireland - I want to see where the guys from U2 grew up and maybe stalk them just a little.
  2. Italy - I love the thought of being somewhere that is so ancient and has so much history.
  3. Greece - Cuz, it's purty.
  4. Australia - Oprah has now made me want to go.  Her shows of their trip were amazing.
  5. Holland - I want to visit the Anne Frank house.
My list isn't that long but attempting to visit those places will be a challenge.  I can't do it on my current salary (which is currently about $5) so I better start looking for the sugar daddy.  Donnie Wahlberg, I am looking at you buddy.  Step it up man!

Back to my night of TV.  I am not a fan of the egotistical, obnoxious, bloated shell of a man called The Donald.   Watching him makes me want to scrub my skin with Clorox and a steel wool.  Plus this man is so out of touch with the real world.  He claims that he made his fortune because of his smarts and hard work.  Uh, how about the fact the daddy bankrolled him?  I am pretty sure that there are a lot people that would be able to capitalize on that good fortune.  I digress, I am pretty sure everyone in the world knows that fact.  I again was drawn into the realms of craziness, bitchiness, and stupidity.   Oh, Celebrity Apprentice, you make me feel so smart and superior.  I think that is one reason I am drawn to you like a superior moth to a dim witted bulb.  Here is my breakdown so far on the celebrities (I use this term loosely because when was the last time you saw Dionne Warwick?):
  • John Rich - Oh, I love him. Funny and down to earth.
  • Jose Canseco - Dumber than a box of rocks. Dude,do something, anything.
  • Little John - Ye-ah!!!  Loving him!
  • Meatloaf - Go Raiders! 
  • Gary Busey - You were awesome as Buddy Holly but frankly man, you are giving me the willies.  So happy that you now have your hearing aides.
  • Mark McGrath - You're pretty.  Remember that time we met all those years ago?  You 'member.
  • Survivor Dude - You're a worm.  Wait, you can't read this anyway because I hear that you're back home in your 9'X9' cell.
  • Dionne Warwick - Yikes, that woman is a complete bitch and so condescending.  I am shocked by your behavior. 
  • Star Jones - My, we are so full of ourselves aren't we? I guess you have to be that way when no likes you and you alienate everyone around you.  It's sad to see someone that says that she is trying to change the women treat each on these type of shows and does exactly the opposite.  You've come a long way baby!  Yes, that is sarcasm.
  • Housewife - Who cares? I will not even type your name on my blog.
  • Niki Taylor - You're pretty and way too nice.  I loved you back in the 90's and you still look great!
  • Model girl - Have no idea who you are but you rank with Jose "duh" Canseco.
  • LaToya Jackson - You are surprising.  Kudos to you for impressing the CEO.  Go girl!
  • Marlee Matlin - Why do have a dude interpreter?  That is bugging me.
The night ended with us saying bye to our sweet little super model, Niki. Yes, she is absolutely beautiful but she is so nice and didn't know anything about communicating with her team.  Plus she is still saying it's the 20th century.  Oh you pretty girl, just stand there and look good, no need to talk.  We will love you more if you don't. Sometimes you can be too nice for your own good.  Sad to see her leave but she doesn't need to "work" among some of those vultures.

Wow, I can talk up a storm.  Whew! I am exhausted.  I will end with today's soundtrack.  Today's theme in honor of Niki Taylor, is beauty.  Enjoy!

Thanks for reading my blog!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

What a Wonderful World when you have a little fur friend

A dear friend of mine is having to deal with the possibility of loosing her sweet fur baby.  She called me the other day to talk about what she was going thru and how I dealt with it when I lost my first cat, Syd Vicious.  While talking to her, it brought back so many sad memories for me but I hope that our conversation helped her

When I lost my first cat, I didn't know how hard I was going to take it.  I knew a few people that lost their pets but I didn't understand what they were feeling until it happened to me.  For those who don't have a pet or have not lost one, they do not understand the sadness.  It was really tough on me because Sydney was my longest relationship. She was there through all my jobs, boyfriends, etc. She was my little bitchy sidekick.  Of course, I mean that with love. That cat was a beeyotch to everyone but me.  She was a tad jealous.  She even bit my sister's hand once but she loved me.  Sydney was a chocolate seal point Siamese with blue eyes.  When I first got her, she fit in the palm of my hand and was all white.  As she grew older, she started turning dark brown so I decided that it was because she was half Mexican-American.  Plus the fact that she liked eating tortillas and fideo.  She was my first cat and I had no idea about breeds.  So how was I to know that she was supposed to look like a little beaner cat. ;) 
She was diagnosed with kidney problems in 2005.  She was a tough old broad and made it until 2007.  I lost her a month before her 13th birthday.  One morning I left to meet my niece for a day of shopping and lunch and when I returned she had completely changed.  She looked so little, frail and sad.  It was kind of a blur.  I remember calling her vet and as luck would have it, he had just started his mobile hospital and was literally down the street from me. I remember he came in and Syd stood up (it took all she had) and walked over to him and sat on his lap.  I wanted to cry.  I remember he gave her a shot to keep her comfortable and some medication for later. The news was not good.  She was not expected to make it through the night. 

I was so upset. I called my sisters to let them know what was going on with her.  All my sisters, my nieces and my nephew came to see her on her last night.  They all took turns holding her and saying good-bye.  They were there when I needed them and it was a good thing. I know I would have fallen apart. I had such a great support system. After they left, I stayed up with her all night to make sure she was okay. Truth be told, I was afraid to wake up with a dead cat.  Sick and selfish I know.   It was a long night but she made it. She looked worse and was having more trouble breathing.  So I made the hardest decision I ever had to make. I couldn't let her keep suffering so I called her vet to take her in and do the unthinkable.  My sister L, picked us up and my sister B met us there.  It was so sad.  I had to say good-bye to my little friend but I knew it was the right thing to do. I couldn't be selfish.

It's been 4 years since my fur buddy left and I still get a little teary-eyed sometimes. But she left me with some great memories and love.  So for my dear friend SV, today's them is love and strength.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I will be a fan of stupid people When the Stars Go Blue

Where has this month gone?  It's the middle of March and it's going too fast. Don't like that.  It will be Christmas before you know it.  I guess time flies by so much faster when you get older. 

My SXSW trip was fast and furious. I had a good time. I learned a few things on the trip.
  • Twizzlers is the best food on a road trip.  I ate a whole bag.
  • Old cheesy, white men likes them some Jules.  I was hit on by two guys. Here is just one of the lines that was used on me.  I was walking behind this guy and as I passed him, he says "I thought that was you.  I could feel your heat behind me."  GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I just can't sleep peacefully in a hotel room. I don't know why but I can't.
  • Austin traffic sux!
Book update: I have been trying to read "Julie and Julia" but I am finding it really difficult to wrap my head around it.  It's not as funny as the quotes on the back cover led me to believe.  I don't know if it's because I saw the movie first but I am just not getting her humor.  I want to but it's driving me nuts that I can't.  I've given it about 4 chapters worth but I think I am going to give it up.  I hate when I get a book and get really excited about it then it just lets me down.  Poop!!!

Today I posted this on my facebook:  I think I am the only person that doesn't care about American Idol, Martin Sheen's kid (I will not mention his name), Lady Gaga or a housewife of any kind. I loves me some pop culture but I don't give a care when it comes to them. And any person with the name that has dash in it.  I was surprised that so many people agreed with me.  I kept thinking I was just getting old but I think it's because I just can't take stupidity.  I mean it. I am tired of seeing stupid people become famous. That excludes Lady Gaga.  I just don't get her. Plus I liked her when I saw her the first time as Madonna.  Yes, I am being judgemental.  

I am in a cover tune mode today.  Here are a few of the cover songs that I really love.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Life is a Highway

What a weekend!  I am lucky enough to be hanging out at SXSW for 2 days.  I just got here today and it's been an adventure.  Here's what I've learned and seen since I've arrived.

  • Mallory Keaton - I think she needs to eat a sandwich. She is too skinny.  At least for my taste.  I always wanted to be her when she was on Family Ties except when she started dating the dud, Nick.  Why????
  • A woman wearing a Mexican-style dress (remember those from the 80's?). Are those coming back in style? I didn't get the memo.
  • Dwight K. Schrute - And me without my Schrute bucks
  • A car in the middle lane making a right hand turn in front of a bus making the same right hand turn.
  • A state trooper pointing his gun at a guy he pulled over on I-35.  I have never seen a gun in real life. Even from the other side of the highway, I was scared.
  • I made a really handsome actor laugh but I can't remember his name nor did I flirt nearly enough with him.  Of course now I am thinking of all these great one-liners I could have used on him.  I really need to have a writer with me at all times for just such an occasion.  AHHH!!!
  • Those little smart cars in Austin - pretty rawkin'.
  • The Foo Fighters will be here on Wednesday and I will not. I leave on Monday night.  Dave Grohl, you've missed me yet again. We really need to work on our timing.  I love their new song,  Rope.

It's been a fun day and so should tomorrow.  For today's soundtrack, the theme is traveling.  Enjoy!

Thanks for reading my blog!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Random stuff - It's not just One Thing

And it's Friday. Been kind of a weird week. I just have a feeling that I will be getting to work soon.  Yesterday I was out for most of the morning and came back about 1:30pm.  I did a few things around the house then about 4pm I decided to shut my brain down and watch Law & Order.  While I was laying on the couch, I just had a feeling that this was going to be the last of my unemployment days.  I can't explain it.  Maybe it's woman's intuition. 

I had my two interviews this week. They both went well.  As usual it's a waiting game now.  But that is okay.  I am busy working on Juliana's Golf tournament and I think I might start another round of spring cleaning.  I just saw a commercial about a woman's resell shop in Plano that buys your items that day.  Woo! Hoo!  I have a few things that I can totally live without especially since they don't fit me.  Cha-ching!

Speaking of commercials, I just saw this one.  I literally laughed out loud.  Hi-larious!  I love the whole 70's look. 

Today's soundtrack is another 80's theme.  Spring time in the 80's. Ahhh, good times. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading my blog.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dreaming of becoming a human again

Today has been 8 months since the ax fell on my career.  I still can't believe I have been out of work this long.   I have never been out this amount of time.  It's shocking how fast these months have flown by.  It was just last summer when my life turned upside down.  Now here I sit trying to make ends meet and put my life back together again.  But good news, I have two interviews this week.  The last two weeks have been hopping for me (interview-wise).  It looks like there might be light at the end of what seems like a never-ending tunnel.  I can feel it. I will be a productive human soon.

So I finished my Julia Child book.  Fantastique!  It kind makes wish that I would have taken French in school.  Reading this book has made me wonder about other things that I should learn to do. Here is preliminary list of what I think I can attempt to learn:
  • French - I hear Rosetta Stone is greatness.
  • Cooking - I mean really cook. I can make spaghetti like nobody's business. Baked chicken is on that list too.
  • Photoshop - Since I have been successfully unemployed, I noticed how many promotions/marketing positions have that skill as a requirement and I do not have that in my repertoire. (Look at me all ready using the French.) 
  • Photography - I've always loved taking pictures.  I took a continuing ed class about 3 years ago and had a blast.  I aspire to be a great photographer (as I suspect everyone else does).   Here are a few of my favorite pics that I have taken over the last few years.
Puerto Vallarta

Snow day 2011

I am in a light, poppy mood. Today's soundtrack is some great, fun, poppy 80's tunes.  Just some good stuff today.  Enjoy!

Thanks for reading my blog.

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Monday was a little Crazy

Another Monday that I didn't have to get up early like the rest of you money makers. It's been a quiet day here at the homestead.  A few hours of searching for a job and then I worked on the golf tournament. I am hoping that we get some more golfers. I've been posting it everywhere online and sending it everyone and anyone.

What will I talk about today?  How about movies? I am a sucker for documentaries.  Have I ever mentioned that?  Well, I am.  This evening I stumbled on "The Eyes of Tammy Faye".  You remember her right?  She was the pint-size, mascara loving, singing, praising Jesus wife of televangelist, Jim Baker.  As weird as this sounds, I've always found her intriguing.  And after watching the documentary, I still think that.  She was funny, a little strange and speaks her mind.  And I like that in a person.  It's of course slanted to show what a good person she really is, even though she and her ex-husband apparently milked millions out of people.  I don't know what the truth is about that whole situation, I just know I really liked the film.  The one thing that stuck out was how Tammy Faye was interviewing people on her show that the other Christian shows didn't acknowledge - gays, people with AIDS, drug addicts, etc.  She did that before it was accepted. That says a lot about her.  It seemed like she loved everyone.  I faintly remember the filming coming out in 2000 but never had a chance to watch it.  Glad I finally had the time to check it out.  Well worth my time.

Then there is the documentary on the other end of the spectrum called "Lemmy".  He's the lead singer from Motorhead.  I caught it one late night a couple of weeks ago.   He's kind of a weird dude.  I was hooked.  I am not a metal head so I've never really heard any of his music.  All I know of Lemmy is that Dave Grohl (yummy!!) of the Foo Fighters thinks he is the greatest dude ever.  It was really interesting.  Apparently his baby mamma dated John Lennon before she met him. What I thought was kind of different was that he has lived in the same small apartment he moved into like in the 70's.  So there is stuff stashed everywhere (gold records, cups, books, albums).  It looked like an episode of Hoarders (which is one of my secret addictions - shh!).  He did say something that made me really like him.  The filmmaker asked him what his most prize possession was in his apartment.  Lemmy looked to his right at his son and said "My son."  Oh goodness, here comes the tears.  So sweet. Here's this hard-rockin', cussin', hard-drinkin' man and he has a soft spot for his child. Well now I am on the Lemmy bandwagon. 

Next on my list is of documentaries is "Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten" and "Valentino" The Last Emperor".  I am a huge fan of The Clash so the Joe Strummer movie is up my alley.  I would totally marry him if he was still with us.  I hope to get to these this week.

For today's soundtrack them is crazy since both Tammy Faye and Lemmy are just a little kooky and I love them for it.  Enjoy!

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's been a great Sunday Morning

Happy Sunday!
It's a beautiful day and I've had a great weekend so far. Friday, I did my new favorite thing which is to watch Blue Bloods (I love you Donny Wahlberg!) and read.  It was a very nice calming evening.  As for Saturday, I did something a little different.  I went to a 2nd interview. What's that you say?  Yes, I had a 2nd interview yesterday and it went pretty well. I was there for about an hour. It looks like they want to make a decision in about a 1 or 2 weeks. Sweet!!!!  After the interview I headed to my friend's H&B for a movie night at their house.  We started out with a classic - Footloose.  How hot was Kevin Bacon in that?  Our second movie was Inglorious Basterds.  I heard so many good things about it.  My sister, L was all about the movie.  Loved it!  It was so odd and funny.  I love how Tarantino uses his music in his movies.  Who would have thought of using David Bowie's Cat People (putting Out The Fire) in that movie?  Crazy greatness!

As for today, I started out getting my church on and then a quick work out afterwards.  It's been a great day.  I am hoping to finish my Julia Child book today. Woo!Hoo!

What a beautiful Sunday!  So I am dedicating today's theme to Sunday.  U2 and STP both have songs about Sunday but they are a little bit of a downer.  So here is what I have come up with today.  Hope you had a great weekend. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading my blog.

Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm ready for some Changes

I am beginning to feel lost.  I don't know where I belong.  Yesterday I had two interviews and I am feeling a bit weird about them.

1st interview - It was a bit odd.  I arrived and there was three other people in the lobby.  The head dude came and told us that we were going to do something different.  The company decided to do a presentation to everyone and then we all had to stand up, introduce ourselves and tell them why we would be the right person for the job.  By this time, there were 7 candidates.  As they are giving us their song & dance, I knew that this wasn't for me. As a matter of fact, as I was driving to the interview, I had a feeling that it was going to be a waste of time.  And it was.  I graciously left after the first segment. I thanked them for their time and got the heck out of dodge.  Oh did I mention that they wanted us to make a cold call. Wait, wasn't this a promotion position?  Actually, no it wasn't.  It was a company that was looking for people to set up appointments for them.  Umm, no thanks!  Not my cup of tea.

2nd interview - It was in bfd but I decided to give it a try anyway.  It was a really good interview but I don't think it's the one for me.  They kinda told me that it was going to be job that would entail me to work at all hours.  I was asked about my home life, which as you all know is a round about way asking if I am married with kiddos.  I got the feeling that it was a job that was going to be crazy nuts.  I don't mind doing it for the right job but not this one.  But for a good price, I could be bought. :)

On the upside, I was contacted for a 2nd interview from the company that interviewed me earlier this week.  Fingers crossed on that one.

As I stated early, I am feeling a bit lost.  I just can't seem to find my right job.  When I started working in radio back in '98, I finally felt that I found my peers.  I was the little girl in the bee suit from the video "No Rain" by Blind Lemon and then I found my bee people.  Now, I am just floating and trying to find anchor.  I don't know where I will land but I just hope that it will be in a new "bee land".

Today's theme is hope and change.

Thanks for reading my blog and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today was Just Fine

My hair is a success.  Well at least I think it is.  I arrived at 8:55am and they immediately started to work.  I walked out of there at 11:00am with my new mocha look.  I love it!!!  I cut it a bit close getting home but managed to get my face on and was out door in a timely manner.

The interview went really well.  We met for almost 1 1/2 hours.  It's now time to get my head around the two interviews I have tomorrow.  When it rains it pours. Thank goodness.  It's a nice change of pace to get out of the house and have a mission.  I was out most of the day yesterday and today and tomorrow will be the same.  I feel like a person now not a statistic.  I am woman, hear me roar.

My plan for the rest of the week is to continue my job search and then get more leads for the Girl Power 2 Cure golf tournament.  I am going to stalk people now. LOL!  I am on the look out for strong women in the DFW area.  If you know of any, let me know so that I can hit them up.

Nothing much going on in my little world.  Let's see, still not dating anyone. Shock, right? LOL!  I have my profile on one dating site and not much there.  I used to be on 4 dating sites but didn't have any luck and it was just a bunch of weirdos that contacted me.  I decided to streamline and bring it down to just one site.  So far the cupboard is bare.  Okay, not bare just full of creepy dudes.  I can meet creepy dudes in real life why go to the interweb for that?  But I will not give up hope.  I know that I will meet the right person. I just need to keep my eyes open.

That's all I have for the day kiddos.  Not too exciting.  Oh well!  The soundtrack theme today is strong women.  I am one and surrounded by them.  Enjoy!

Thanks for reading my blog!