Monday, April 4, 2016

Time heals all wounds, right?

Why can't I seem to keep up with my blog? I will personally blame my poor management of time. Well that, and a broken heart. 

Back in the summer of 2013, I met a boy. Let me rephrase, I reconnected with a boy from my 20's. This was the boy that broke my heart in the 19 and 90's but yet I could not stop thinking about him. So a connection was made and it was a crazy arse strong connection. The word "love" was thrown in there for good measure.  For the next year and a half, there were ups and downs. Did I mention that was a long-distance issue? Nonetheless, I had never been happier and a sadder than I had ever been in my life. The bottom line, gurl was dumped last year. 

After a year of healing, I am still alive. I am in one piece and stronger! Here's to surviving a mid-forty's break up and the wonders of what time can do for a broken heart. Enjoy my tunes!

Thank for reading my blog!

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