Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pets = Bad Boyfriends

As you know, per my last post, I have not had a real boyfriend since the original 90210 was on the air.  I can't believe I actually admitted that out loud.  Oh well, it's now out there.

This brings me to something that I discovered about a year ago.  One day I was talking my friend Tobs about our pets. She has a Boston Terrier and of course as you know, I have my squatter, Oliver.  I think we starting talking about the image below that I posted on my facebook page.  We laughed at how her dog, Bel gives her the stink eye too. 

We laughed about how pets tend to have some people traits.  Somehow we came to the conclusion that some pets have really bad boyfriend traits.  I've told this to a few people and they have all laughed. Then I thought, I really need to get this in writing. So below is my list of why my cat, Oliver is like a really bad boyfriend.
  1. He doesn't have a job.
  2. He sleeps all the time.
  3. He expects me to buy his dinner and feed him.
  4. He stinks up my apartment.
  5. I have to clean up his "office".
  6. He sleeps everywhere.
  7. The only time he really wants to spend time with me is when I'm in bed. 

Now that you know all about my slacker, you need to check him out. I present, Oliver.

There you have it. My cat is the equivalent of the worst boyfriend.  I kind feel like David Letterman.  Minus the talent and the ca-jillion dollars in my bank account.  So for today's soundtrack, it's all about the boys.  Enjoy!

Thanks for reading my blog!

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